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Real Estate Tax Consulting & Appeals

Real Estate Tax Consulting & Appeals

Property taxes are one of asset ownership's most significant recurring operating expenses. Many owners are unaware of how their property is valued. Property owners are permitted to file a real estate Property Tax Assessment appeal every year. A successful appeal can save businesses and homeowners hundreds or thousands of dollars by lowering property taxes.

Real Estate Tax Appeals Process

Property owners have a short time after receiving the Erie County Property Reassessment Notice to dispute the value. There are two ways to appeal: an informal or a formal appeal.

You can appeal if:

  • You believe the estimated market value is too high or low.
  • The estimated market value is not uniform with similar properties.
  • The characteristics of your property are substantially incorrect.

Real Estate Tax Consulting & Appeals Services

Assessment Evaluation can ensure you have a fair assessment of your real property. Our team of expert tax consultants has the expertise to help you lower your property taxes. We can help you navigate the appeals process quickly and effectively to get the tax relief you deserve.

We assist clients in identifying tax-saving opportunities by reviewing their tangible property portfolio and associated property tax assessments and liabilities.

We specialize in industrial and commercial tax assessment appeals, though we have also assisted numerous property owners in tax assessment appeals of single-family dwellings.

Assessment Evaluation experts are involved at every step of the process and provide the following services:

  • Initial Assessed Value Review — Review of the Impact Statement for the property. We will report the county's preliminary assessment's accuracy and methodology.
  • Informal Review — If the impact statement review warrants further action, an informal review is the next step. Assessment Evaluation will provide an appraisal for a flat fee and attend the informal review with you.
  • Formal Appeal  If you are not satisfied with the results of the informal review, you are entitled to file a formal appeal. A formal appeal must be filed within 40 days of receiving the County Property Assessment Change Notice. Assessment Evaluation will attend the Formal Review.