Real Estate Tax Consulting

Property taxes are one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with tangible asset ownership. Many owners are unaware of which items or costs are taxable, which items are being assessed or how their property is being valued. Addressing these and other related issues often produces recurring property tax savings for owners and lessees.

As a taxpayer, you have the right to appeal an assessment, and there are several reasons to pursue this course of action. For example, the jurisdiction's assessment may exceed market value or there may be a specific statutory issue. Additional considerations include clerical or factual errors, physical, functional, and/or external changes at the facility, illegal tax or other overpayment and lack of uniformity with similar taxpayers. Assessment Evaluation, Inc. can assist you before the jurisdiction to ensure a fair assessment of your real property.

Our team of expert tax consultants has the expertise to help you lower your property taxes. We work hard to keep the annual property tax expense as low as possible for our clients. Whether it is a property tax issue at a personal level or at a business level, our experts are always ready to efficiently handle and manage all of your tax concerns. Our services address all aspects of property taxation and the challenges facing corporate property tax managers.

We assist clients in identifying tax saving opportunities by reviewing their tangible property portfolio and associated property tax assessments and liabilities. We specialize in industrial and commercial tax assessment appeals though we have also assisted numerous property owners in tax assessment appeals of single-family dwellings.

Our primary mission is to secure tax savings for home and business owners and to insure that they are assessed for no more than their fair share of the property taxes.

Our success is attributed to professional relationships with the various county assessors, extensive appeals board hearing experience, knowledge of property and tax codes, as well as a thorough understanding of the appeals process.